Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hot Dogs

A friend and I went down to Niagara Falls sightseeing one day and we were hungry and I had no snacks. I know. Bad. But we saw a hot dog vendor and I wanted one incredibly badly. There was no wheat listed in the wiener but they were also $7.50 which is a lot to pay for a weiner wrapped in a napkin.

A few weeks later I was shopping at Wegman's and saw a new product that they were carrying. I've tried some other Hamburger/Hot Dog/English Muffin type buns and they are always sooo heavy.

These were "The Grainless Baker". They felt a little heavy before I defrosted them but once I sliced into one, I knew it was going to be good. It smells a little sweet but after toasting, that went away and it was like a normal bun.

It's not crumbly and held up to being toasted on the grill and held together once the toppings were on. And by toppings, I mean only ketchup. There was an article in The Food Network magazine a month or so ago about hot dogs and their toppings and although the pictures looked great, I'm still just a ketchup only girl.

Nathan's Hot Dogs, The Grainless Baker buns and it's going to be camping heaven!!!!

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