Saturday, February 26, 2011

Biscuits. Nothing but GF biscuits...

I love biscuits. I don`t know why. I remember while on my very long road trip through the US, we saw sign after sign for restaurants that had biscuits. Going through the drive-thru of Bojangles to get my friend a coffee and I couldn`t convince her to get any biscuits. It`s my belief that my friends should eat the things that I can`t so I can live vicariously through them.

McDonald`s has had biscuits in the US for I don`t know how long now but they just brought them out in Canada so now I am bombarded by commercials for biscuits.

So of course, I`ve been craving biscuits lately. I stopped in at Bulk Barn to pick up some spices and saw that the Duinkerken foods Biscuit Mix was on sale. I`ve bought their flours before there since they come in boxes and I don`t usually buy my flours in bulk due to contamination issues. I saw a box of their biscuit mix and decided to try them.

You add 2 eggs, and a form of shortening ( I use butter ) and then milk and then after mixing and a quick knead, you can either roll it out or pat it out like I did. Since I didn`t have my rolling pin, I made square biscuits instead of round ones.

After a quick bake they are ready to eat.

They are flaky and buttery and have that proper biscuit taste and texture on that bottom crust.

Keep in mind, I`m Canadian. There`s no southern grandma hand-me-down recipe that I have to compare to. Only Pillsbury and Bisquick and well, Red Lobster.

Duinkerken Mixes and Flours can be found at Bulk Barn and they have also just expanded to Walmart across Canada.

This is their only mix that I`ve tried and I really liked it. If I want biscuits, this is the way I`m going to make them and I rarely make things from mixes.I`m going to buy a few more boxes since they are sale and try some garlic and cheese drop versions as well.

The mix is full of starches however so if you are looking for a whole-grain type of product, you won`t find it here. It`s a biscuit. It`s not supposed to be healthy.  When I want a buttery, flaky biscuit, that I am going to add more butter to, this is definitely the way to go.

Also, I did not cut one open today and brush melted butter on it and then put a piece of bacon on it for an impromptu bacon sandwich. Okay, I did.

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